Kimro Min Pins


Son of the Toy Soldier and Maid in Manhattan (multiple group winner top MP in her campaign)

Americas # 1 Min Pin 2008, 2009 currently 2010

Winner of 65 Group Firsts
Winner fo 2 All Breed Best In Show

2088 # 15 Toy Dog
2009 # 10 Toy Dog group ones
Winner of Two Westmintser BOBS
2010 # 5 Toy (Jan 2010)

"Major" the careful and skillful combination that was long studied produced more then we could have ever dreamed possible. He is our Fifth generation Group and Best In Show Dog,2nd generation Westminster KC BOB WInner. Our 7th Breed win there

The  Showmanship ,Temperament and above all  Quality that resulted from this Breeding.How  can one have high hopes when we were told "Sarge" was the once in a lifetime dog, "lightning cannot strike twice".. all these comments...and "Major" is still hanging around until he was 6 months. So I proceed to show him for fun so he is not as good as his sire ..that's ok..he takes all his minors and takes both majors right off the bat....then December comes and I have him in breed for fun against his Sire and his Dam. And one Judge tries to give him the breed over his sire and his dam...she stops the gal showing him and says get him trained he is too good of a dog.. and it was that day in Dec that I knew what I had...The Westminster weekend he took a Breed and Grp three at Progressive Toy Club....then he gave his sire a run at was at that point that I knew this boy was for real....and he was here to stay...

Its been a fantastic run with with many memorable days that will never be forgotten. To my knowledge Major has done more then any Min Pin has in recent times.

With Three Group Wins in a row and topping that with four in a row. And winning some of the most Prestigious Kennel Clubs. Philadephia KC, Westchester KC, Dog Fanciers of Oregon, Best Toy Dog In Show  to mention a few.

Major with Mom - Maid In Manhattan - and littermates


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